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Add a payment provider

Do you want to connect a payment provider that we haven't connected yet? This is quite easy to do, just create a Payment Provider app and start receiving payments.


For this tutorial it's good to have an understanding how our App Store works. If not, you can read the documentation here or follow our toturial for Laravel or Vue JS.

Create an app

Go to the Appstore and create an app. These are the requirements:

  1. Your app need an webhook with the event patment.request
  2. The category needs to be payment_provider
  3. It needs a logo and a description
  4. Payment Redirect Url (Webhook). We will send the user to this url when he/she starts a payment. You can then redirect the user the the right payment page or let them choose a payment method to use and then redirect them to the payment page.

Payment Request Webhook Url Parameters

Along with the url we will send the following parameters in the query.

  • app_id = (number) The id of the app
  • admin_id = (number) The admin_id of the administration
  • reservation_id = (number) unique id for this reservation
  • reservation_number: (number) the reservation number as communicated to the guest
  • invoice_id: (number) Unique id for the invoice, this payment belongs to
  • amount: ( float(2) eg. 102.33 = €102,33) with a max of 2 decimals, the total amount that has to be charged
  • currency: EUR (or other currency, ISO 4217, uppercase)
  • language: nl (en, de, it, fr, es, dk)
  • chain_id (optional): (number) If this admin belong to a chain
  • device_id (optional): (number) The device id, most likely in case of a pin terminal
  • application_fee (optional): ( float(2) eg. 0.50 = €0,50) with a max of 2 decimals, the amount the application is charging.

If you create your app, you can add this url (without parameters) to the webhook list. With the event payment.request.

Add the payment

Has the payment been completed? Great! Now you can add it to Camping.vare. You can use the payments API to add the payment to our system.

Add payment via the API

If you want to store your own reference with the payment. You can add meta data to the payment. With this api:

Redirect the user

Redirect the user to their personal guest page. With the reservation_id you are able to retrieve the reservation from the API. Here you will find the hash you need to use to create the url to the guest page.