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There a multiple ways to integrate our Booking Engine into your website. This can be done by including some of our widgets or by creating a link to the bookings funnel directly.

Hosted Booking Engine

The hosted booking engine is the most easy way to connect your website with our platform. Just copy the link and create a 'Book Now' button and you are ready.

Hosted Booking Engine

Example: Demo Hosted Booking Engine

Read more: Booking Engine Parameters

Booking Engine Widgets

Copy and paste widgets into your own website to integrate the booking engine. You can make a filter page, include the booking funnel and add price grid calendars to your website. The guest does not leave your website for the entire booking.

Booking Engine Wdigets

Read more: Booking Engine Parameters

API Integration

Do you want total flexibility? Then a custom API integration may be a good choise.

Read more: API Documentation