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Connect your barrier

Do you want to connect a barrier that we haven't connected yet? This is quite easy to do, just create a new Camping Care app and connect it with your barier.


For this tutorial it's good to have an understanding how our App Store works. If not, you can read the documentation here or follow our tutorial for Laravel or Vue.js.

Creating the app

Go to the Appstore and create a new app. These are the requirements:

  1. Your app needs to be category: access_control.
  2. It also needs a logo and description.
  3. Your app can have one or multiple webhooks, using the license_plate.add, license_plate.update and license_plate.delete events.

Recieving webhooks

Whenever a license plate event is fired it sends a webhook to the specified url.


Along with the URL we will send the following parameters:

  • app_id (number) = The id of the app
  • admin_id (number) = The admin_id of the administration
  • data (object) = The data send with the webhook
    • license_plate (string)
    • reservation_id (number) = Unique id for this reservation
    • start_date (string)
    • end_date (string)
    • reservation (object) = The complete reservation object

Webhooks are always post requests

Now you have all the data Camping Care provides and can send it to your API.