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Install process

You have created your first app, now it's time to install it for the first time. By default we will call your default app url with two parameters. Like this

The action parameters tel's the app that is has been opened by the user. and the lang parameters tells the app the users language.

Add app

If you click the install button on the top right you are redirected to the app consent screen. In this screen we will ask the user if he/she want to give you the access (Scopes) you requested in the app settings.

Add app

In this case the app requests the rights for reservations.get, reservations.list and reservations.add. Hit the install button to complete the installation.


The first time the app is loaded after install we will load your app and change the action parameter to installed. Like this

You can monitor on this action and run an install script within your application.

Other parameters

Along the default parameters action and lang, we will also send some additional parameters when the app is installed.

  1. admin_id this is the unique identifier of this administration.
  2. chain_id this is 0 by default, unless your administration is part of a chain.
  3. app_id the unique identifier of this app.
  4. authtoken this is used to authenticate the app and give it access to the API. Read more about this in the next step.


We will do the same if you uninstall the app, the action parameter will change to uninstall.