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Public key

The system also can generate a public key per Administration. The public key has a specific number of scopes which will be available to get Administration and Accommodation information and it is possible to create an online booking engine.


To work with an public key, please request one via Because it's not yet possible to create them via the interface.

Private key

Multiple secret API keys can be generated for each Administration. For each API key a user will be created automatically. For each User the system defines a set of scopes. The scopes can be set for each API key (User) individually.

Create your api keys here

When you make an API call you need to send the API key over as a Bearer token.

curl --location --request GET ''
-H "Accept: application/json"
-H "Authorization: Bearer {privateApiKey}"

oAuth 2.0

We have explained the oAuth 2.0 flow in the App Store. Please check the oAuth 2.0 flow here